Extremsports week - Voss

May 8th, 2009


TeamPanic will be doing the Freefly Organizing during the Extremesports week at Voss this summer!!

Come join us for some amazingly cool jumps every day at this great festival. There will be all kinds of freeflying, tracking, hybrids and whatever fun we can compile as a group. Looking forward to seeing you there!


TeamPanic ready for the summer

May 8th, 2009

Sorry for the late update guys, lots of things have happened the last couple of months, and here is the update.

In February TeamPanic took another two-weeks trip to Paraclete XP for some more wind tunnel training. We entered the tunnel with out brand new Boogie Man suits and were very eager to test them out, as well as blowing away some dust from last time. When we entered the tunnel we were a little rusty, but after some minutes each in the tunnel things felt even better than before. Was it the suits? or was it the new confident because of the suits? we do not know, but the built in drag and general design of the suits are awesome!! After two weeks of flying and training our compulsories, TeamPanic returned to Norway, very keen on getting some jumps in.

Next on our agenda was the Freefly Basic 2009, in Sevilla, Spain. We felt that the Basic was a massive success, the general feedback is that the participants learned a lot and are eager on coming back again next year for more knowledge and fun with the Norwegian freeflyers. The hangarounds also played a great part in making this a social success, thank you all. Come join us for next years Freefly Basic, it will be held during easter and sign-up is now open :)

Straight after the Freefly Basic, we carried on for a couple of more weeks training on our free routine. Skydiving again after a lot of tunnel time is a blast, we do things now in the air which we just 6 months ago had no idea we could manage at this stage. We really look forward to trying out our new skills in competition. We have lots of new Freeflying teams in Norway, with even more tunnel time than us, so the competition will be hard. May the most skilled teams take home the medals, even though we hope that will be us.. in the end it will be, because we will continue this journey until we do :)

Please feel free to support us by any means; donate money, send us postcards or just give all of us a big hug when you see us on a drop zone, anything goes.

We’ll be at Voss most of the summer, but we will also make guest apperances on Æra and Tønsberg. There will be Freefly schools with coaching and the Norwegian Cup as well as the nationals, we’ll see you all there. If you see any of us, grab a hold of us and say hi, we would like to meet you :) And ask for coaching.. we may be available even though there is no freefly school.



TeamPanic at Paraclete XP

December 4th, 2008

TeamPanic has gone to Paraclete XP in North Carolina to train Freeflying in the biggest and

strongest wind tunnel in the world. We have got a great coach who is helping us with our progress, and we got to tell you, this wind tunnel is impressive!!
We are going to stay here until X-mas to fly, and are hoping to learn a lot during this stay. Christian and Daniel arrived here November 1st, and Knut came up from DeLand on the 12.

If you want to fly some awesome wind tunnel, try this one, it is the closest to indoor skydiving we have ever seen.

Stay tuned on our video-panel…