Boogie man is our choice of clothing. They have great Freeflying suits that is our first choice, and we would recommend these to anyone who is a Freeflyer, and anyone else for that matter. The suits are both tight and elastic at the same time, which make them great for radical movements both in the sky and in the tunnel.

Sky Design is our Norwegian supplier for Skydiving equipment. They help us with great offers and have a very professional approach to skydiving. These guys always step up to the plate and deliver.

Skydive Spain is our Dropzone away from home. When the season ends in Norway, we travel to Spain to do our training jumps. With its Dornieres that takes us to 15.000 feet in only 13 minutes, it is perferct for Freefly training. It is also a very sunny and warm place during the winter, which is why we prefer this DZ. This is also the place where we are arranging our Freefly Basic during easter time.

Paraclete XP in North Carolina is the tunnel we are doing most of our flying in. This tunnel is one of the worlds biggest and fastest, and we have already had great use of it. We would also like to thank the staff and coaches there for all the professional help they are giving us during our training.

Norsk aeroklubb is our skydiving federation. NAK give us fundings and are helping us reaching our goals by many means.